Wright Brothers 282nd Aero Composite Squadron - Civil Air


Training for New Officers - "Level I" Training


New officer members are introduced to the Civil Air Patrol through the "Level I" member orientation process. The orientation includes the following:


Civil Air Patrol "eServices" Registration

National Headquarters provides a wealth of information for new members to explore through the eServices database. Once you have been assigned a CAP ID number, you can log in and explore this resource. To start your eServices account go to https://www.capnhq.gov/ and click the "First time eServices users click here to activate your account!".


CAP Foundations Course

The “Foundations Course” is a self-paced, self-guided introduction to the missions, history, and organization of the Civil Air Patrol. There are six modules, each followed by a brief quiz that covers the material presented. To complete the Foundations Course simply review the material. After you read, print and self-administer each quiz or view the information on your computer and compile your answers on a single sheet of notebook paper. After completion of all quizzes present them to your Professional Development Officer for review. Each module should take less than 15 minutes to read, and each quiz should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

The CAP Foundations Course information is available here.


Cadet Protection Policy Training

To ensure the safety of our cadets, Civil Air Patrol has a very strict Cadet Protection Policy. As you are aware, all new officers are fingerprinted and complete an FBI background check. Following the successful completion of these elements, the Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT) teaches officers how to prevent, recognize, and respond to suspected hazing or abuse. Participation in this course is for your safety, the cadets’ safety, and for the safety of Civil Air Patrol. CPPT is also designed to heighten your awareness of inappropriate behavior toward other members of CAP, not just cadets. In turn, this ensures a healthy and safe environment for all while providing the foundation for a professional climate and the highest standards of behavior of all our members. To complete this course, print and work through the pre-test first. Then, read through the Cadet Protection Policy and the training materials. When you are finished, notify your Professional Development Officer and they will present a couple of “what if” scenarios to you, and also answer any questions you may have.

The Cadet Protection Policy Training information is available here.


Operations Security Awareness Training

By completing the online Operations Security (OPSEC) Awareness Training, you will know how to handle sensitive information concerning our missions, our capabilities and our partner agencies. The OPSEC awareness training also allows CAP to validate to our partner agencies that members whom we entrust with sensitive information have the necessary training and have agreed to protect that information.

This training takes most people less than 20 minutes and concludes with an opportunity to agree to protect sensitive information. This is called a “Non Disclosure Agreement” (NDA) and each member’s agreement will be recorded electronically in their membership records. This NDA will be required before a member can access sensitive information or participate in certain missions. This training is mandatory for all CAP officer members and Cadet Sponsor Members. It is an online only course. The following is a secure website and the initial screen will ask some questions to verify your identity.

Online Operations Security (OPSEC) Awareness Training is available at https://tests.cap.af.mil/opsec.


Introduction to CAP Safety for New Members

It is imperative that CAP members work as safely as possible when carrying out the important missions of our organization. CAP has a dedicated safety and risk reduction program that work to reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage. All new members are required to watch a short presentation and complete a brief quiz on the CAP safety program. This program outlines the impacts of the safety program and the responsibility of each member to cooperate towards creating a safe enviroment.

The Introduction to CAP Safety presentation is available here (eServices login required). Once you are logged in, scroll down to "Online Safety Education" and then choose "Introduction to CAP Safety for New Members" from the available courses. When you successfully complete the course, a PDF certificate will be generated that you can either save or print as you desire.


Equal Opportunity Training

It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no member shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any CAP program or activity on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability (formerly handicap). It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no applicant meeting CAP’s minimum age requirement will be denied membership in CAP on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability (formerly handicap).

To complete this training, visit https://tests.cap.af.mil/EO_Training/EOTraining.cfm and enter your last name and CAPID. It should now say "Welcome John Q Public". Click on the link entitled "EO Training Slides". and choose to "open" the file (You will need a MS Powerpoint viewer to see the information). Review the presentation, and at the end you will come to a page that asks you to agree to abide by the EEO guidelines. This page and "Agree" link seems to be rather buggy at times. If you have trouble with the link, visit https://tests.cap.af.mil/eo_training/agree.cfm. This will record your agreement.


That’s it! At the completion of your Level I training, you will be eligible to wear the Membership ribbon and participate as an active member. Now, you are ready to continue forward in your Civil Air Patrol experience with some additional training!

As always, if you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to ask your Professional Development Officer or any member of the squadron’s Command Staff. We appreciate your involvement and we’re glad you’ve chosen the Wright Brothers 282nd Aero Composite Squadron!