Wright Brothers 282nd Aero Composite Squadron - Civil Air


The following training items are recommended for all new officers, after the completion of the "Level I" orientation process:


General Emergency Services "CAPT 116" Training

Civil Air Patrol members interested in participating in the Emergency Services mission must first complete a general orientation course known as "General Emergency Services" training. This course is designed to introduce the general concepts of Emergency Services work and the special safety precautions unique to these operations. This training is self-paced and open book in nature. To get started, first download and view the General Emergency Services training presentation. When you have finished the presentation, log in to the National Headquarters Operations testing website to complete the CAPT 116 General Emergency Services test. Select "CAPT 116 – General ES – September 2009". You can then review the presentation and keep it handy while you test, as the quiz is open book.


National Incident Management System Training

These two courses cover the National Incident Management System, which allows CAP members to interface into the larger state or national disaster response effort. These courses are not CAP specific and are geared to be applicable to police, fire, search and rescue, EMA, and others. Once you have completed the interactive course, print your certificate or forward the confirmation email through your chain of command for processing.

IS-100 Online Course - http://emilms.fema.gov/IS100A/index.htm
IS-700 Online Course - http://emilms.fema.gov/IS700a/index.htm


Aircraft Ground Handling

To perform our missions, Civil Air Patrol depends on a fleet of over 550 aircraft to be ready to go at a moment's notice. To assure our aircraft are always mission ready, we must take great care both in flight and while operating on the ground. This training is required for those wishing to attain qualification in an emergency services specialty that involves flight operations, and is recommended for all members.

The training video and it's accompanying quiz is located within eServices. After logging in, look in the left column and click on CAP Multimedia. Select Video Courses then select View Video from the pull-down menu on the right under Video Options. Completion of the course and quiz will be automatically recorded in your training record. 


Squadron282.com Email Address Setup

Squadron 282 has long been recognized as a leader in bringing new ideas and technology into the day to day operations of Civil Air Patrol. We are fortunate to have the availability of “first.last@squadron282.com” email addresses for all members of the squadron. What does this mean for you? This means that you can present a professional image for yourself and the squadron with each email message you send. Those in our community that might want to learn more about who we are can do so my copying the email “domain” (squadron282.com) into their web browser.

All members, especially those serving in staff positions within the squadron, are encouraged to establish an “@squadron282.com” email as their primary email account for CAP business. Since each individual situation is different, the squadron information technology staff will assist you personally to make your CAP email account easy and convenient to access. The squadron email system can also be configured on most smartphones, allowing you to read and respond to email on the go. There are also other features that can be explored including calendars, news services, weather, etc if you are interested. The information technology staff will also configure mail sent to your “@ohwg.cap.gov” email address (everyone in Ohio Wing has one) to automatically forward to your “@squadron282.com” email address so you don’t miss informational messages sent by Wing.


Group VII Email List

Group VII has established an email list for communication of group related issues applicable to the membership. If you would like to join this group, simply visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Group7List/ and follow the directons on that page.