Brothers 282nd Aero Composite Squadron - Civil Air Patrol


Civil Air Patrol's ground teams provide an all-weather search force that is ready to respond in the event of a missing aircraft, natural disaster, or humanitarian need. These ground teams are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to respond in the event of a mission activation. Since the ground team is composed of volunteer members, the squadron staffs a large number of qualified members so a team can be assembled day or night. The squadron ground team can be activated in less than an hour. Our ground team is staffed by cadets and seniors alike that show a dedication to service in a critical environment.

Ground Team To create a fully functional ground team, members with various levels of training and experience must come together and work cooperatively. At the entry qualification of Ground Team Member Level 3, individuals are trained to conduct basic search operations such as electronic direction finding for ELT's and searches for missing people. From there, members can move up to Ground Team Member Level 2, where they train in basic survival, land navigation, and witness interview. Members trained to the level of Ground Team Member 1 have considerable experience and can be expected to operate in the field, independently for a maximum of 72 hours. These members receive training in woodsmanship, survival, air to ground coordination, and canine search techniques. Many ground team members also cross train to serve as Urban Direction Finding Team members. These teams are similar to a traditional ground team, however they are focused on locating objectives that are within developed areas as opposed to back country or rural locations. Mission Radio Operators use communications equipment to relay the status of the search to mission base, coordinate with other ground and air assets, and receive updated information about the search objective. The most experienced members serve as Ground Team Leaders. The ground team leader serves as the contact point for the team, receives the briefing on the objective, and commands the team in the field as they complete their objective.

Members of the ground team come from a variety of backgrounds, all bringing their personal experiences to support the mission. Within the squadron we have members with skills in disaster management, law enforcement, fire and EMS services, critical incident stress management, medicine, aviation management,SAREX information technology, pastoral service, transportation, and security. Each member provides a unique perspective and plays a role in the overall effectiveness of the team when carrying out their mission tasking.The ground team is equipped with the latest technology and practical tools to support our Emergency Services mission. Two fully stocked "mission kits" are strategically located to provide quick deployment in the event of a mission. These mission kits include L-tronics electronic direction finding equipment, portable radios, maps, airport directories, first aid supplies, and essential paperwork. When deployed in support of a mission, the squadron vehicle is also equipped with a portable laptop with printer, GPS navigation, safety equipment, power inverter, flashlights, paper maps, and shelters for team members.

Civil Air Patrol ground teams are capable and ready to respond to a number of contingencies. Putting service before self, our members give of their time in training and response to actual situations. At the heart of it all lies the motto of search and rescue forces across the globe - "This we do, so that others may live."